The CHICkBand with Elvis

The ChickBAND with Elvis
(From left to right: Christy Phillips, Angel Mullis, Elvis,
Jennifer Prestridge, Annie Lindsay and Davalyn Kratz)

"Experiencing the CHICkBand, it was very evident I was standing at a holy intersection of sorts - where the passion of loving God and the joy of worshipping Him criss crosses the lives of 5 really cool girls. I highly recommend them."
-- Nicole Johnson, Dramatist for Women of Faith

The CHICkBand with Nicloe Johnson

The CHICkBand with popular Women of Faith featured speaker Nicole Johnson .
(From left to right: Anne Lindsay, Nicole Johnson, Monique Ritchie and Christy Phillips)

"They honor God-- they worship God-- they glorify God-- and they bring the worship of God to a new level of experience. To worship with the chickBAND is to be brought into the Presence of the Holy One. It's awesome!"
-- Shirley Lindsay Retreat Speaker
Certified Personality Trainer

The CHICkBand with Shirley Lindsay

(From left to right: Christy Phillips, Annie Lindsay, Shirley Lindsay,
Angel Mullis, Davalyn Kratz and Jennifer Prestridge)

"The Chickband intermingles skilled musicianship, true joy, and hearts for Christ to bless those with whom they worship. They have played at numerous engagements at which I have spoken and they add a dimension of character, excitement, and dedication that is unparalleled. One can't help but clap hands, praise God, and rejoice in the gifts that He has graciously bestowed upon these ladies! They are a treat and a half! I HIGHLY recommend them!""
-- Amberly Neese

The CHICkBand with Amberly Neese

(From left to right: Annie Lindsay, Amberly Neese and Monique Ritchie)

"What a blessing it was to share the stage with CHICkBand in Las Vegas! Their upbeat style was a perfect match with my Bad Girls of the Bible message. Not only are they talented musically, but their hearts are finely tuned to the Lord and to sharing the good news of His saving grace."
Liz Curtis Higgs, Best-selling author and speaker

The CHICkBand with Sheila Walsh
The CHICkBand with popular Women of Faith featured speaker Sheila Walsh
during the Annual Women's Rally at Central Christian Church in January 2005.
(From left to right: Annie Lindsay, Christy Phillips, Sheila Walsh,
Monique Ritchie, Sarah Stepleton and Jennifer Prestridge)

The CHICkBand with Stellar Kart
Stellar Kart at Canyon Ridge Christian Church, Kings Faire
(From left to right: Annie Lindsay, Stellar Kart, Christy Phillips)

These young fans showed their love and support for the
CHICkBand with their homemade "CHICk Wear."

Two of our most loyal Wisconsin fans!

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